The MOG was conceived back in 2009 when online gaming was just becoming a thing. But with the amount of teams, athletes and leagues wanting in on our gaming events with the troops we put in on the back burner...only to revive it one day when it's the right time.


It's the right time!  

With all going on with Covid, JFI is going almost all virtual; from our typical gaming events with our NFL / MLB and NBA teams to indivudual athlete events and streams, we are stepping things up on the production side and taking all virtual for even bigger events!  

When we started to lay all out for our events we knew it was time...time to give all our troops (here at home and abroad) the ability to play and compete in online tournaments...for bragging rights and for experiences only we can!  We will have our pro athletes joining, our music artists and pro gamers and influencers so get ready...can again, IT'S TIME!